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If you don't see your need message or call to see if we can assist.  480-294-8804

  • Drywall repairs

  • Repair drywall holes

  • Built in entertainment center

  • Window Screens

  • Pigeon Control devices

  • Interior veneer stone (wall stack stone)

  • Small electric repairs (add/replace a fan, a switch, an outlet)

  • Wall mount TV’s and hiding the wires in the wall

  • Replace garbage disposals (I don’t fix Clogged pipes)

  • Replace a faucets, dishwashers or Microwaves

  • Leaking water lines in your walls

  • Run gas lines for a grill/ fire pit/ patio heater

  • Install fire pit or Barbecue grill

  • Install a fireplace or gas logs

  • Replace a pool motor

  • Wood Flooring install

  • Wood Floor Stairs

  • Exterior and Interior painting

  • PVC water line repair

  • Sprinkler Valve/Pipe repairs and Drip line repair

  • Custom Sheds

  • Patio repairs

  • Block repairs

  • Stucco repairs

  • Pool pump Walls

  • Minor Paver repairs

  • Install wood Flooring

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