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Friendly repair man always available

Bobby can help with that!

Hi my name is Bobby Brock. Years ago I owned a Barbecue Island grill store in Dana Park next to AJ’s. It was an enjoyable way to provide products to friendly neighbors in a relaxed way. As the years progressed I continuously would be questioned, “Can you fix this?”, “Could you paint this?” or “Do you know someone who could repair that?”

I started Brock Custom as a solution to the continuous list of questions customers would asking. So many times I was happy to do this or that while at their home. Eventually people began talking and I would receive calls from individuals who were informed by a customer, Bobby can fix that.

My experience started when I was a kid painting with my family and repairing things around my grandfathers house. In High School I worked for a custom home builder in Ohio. The experience I gained from him and his small 4 man team I use every week. His crew would build homes start to finish. We would begin with a blank piece of land, dig the basement, do the concrete and block work, frame the walls, lay the roof, run the plumbing and electrical, put up the drywall and texture, install the cabinets and appliances, build out the bathrooms and finish up with paint. We did everything start to finish. When we left the home they were moving in. 

Shortly after 4 years studying Architecture at the local college, I moved here to Tempe, Az. Having lived here as a child my sisters had moved back the year before. Family is very important to be. My family taught me respect and how to treat your neighbor.

I worked for a local fireplace and BBQ company for a few years where I learned a great deal about gas lines, outdoor heaters and of course BBQ grills and fireplaces. But I felt it was time to take my knowledge and start my own business. After years of owning a retail store and many years furthering my education (Bachelors and Masters degree), I began to feel a handyman service better fit my abilities and desires. I don’t think a day goes by where I wouldn’t want that feeling of accomplishment from having fixed a minor inconvenience in someones home that has been frustrating them for years.

If you need something minor repaired I invite you to give me a call, let's talk! My abilities are rather diverse and at minimum I am a good listener for that which is frustrating you. Below are a few things I like to do the most but by no means are all I am able to do.

Drywall repairs

Repair drywall holes

Built in entertainment center

Interior veneer stone (wall stack stone)

Small electric repairs (add/replace a fan, a switch, an outlet)

Wall mount TV’s and hiding the wires in the wall

Replace garbage disposals (I don’t fix Clogged pipes)

Replace a faucets, dishwashers or Microwaves

Leaking water lines in your walls

Run gas lines for a grill/ fire pit/ patio heater

Install fire pit or Barbecue grill

Install a fireplace or gas logs

Replace a pool motor

Exterior and Interior painting

PVC water line repair

Sprinkler Valve/Pipe repairs and Drip line repair

Custom Sheds

Patio repairs

Block repairs

Stucco repairs

Pool pump Walls

Minor Paver repairs

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